Church Planting


Seeking a Church Planter

In 2017, the Evangelical Free Church of Mt. Morris is seeking a pastor who has the character, gifts, training, skills, and desire to lead a new church plant in northwestern Illinois. The intended location of the plant is Sterling, a town of 15,000 people, while just across the Rock River is the community of Rock Falls, which adds another 9,000.

Our church in Mt. Morris is located about 28 miles from Sterling. Our commitment is to find a church planting pastor and then provide significant financial resources, gifted people, and other support to help him start this new church.

Our goal is to see another EFCA church with the same foundation of sound doctrine and gospel-centered mission, as well as sharing other characteristics like expository preaching and elder-led congregationalism. We would like a pastor who has earned his Master of Divinity degree, preferably with some ministry experience.

We expect that, after moving to our area, the planter would spend the next six months in the following ways: developing a core group from EFCMM and the Sterling area, being mentored by EFCMM elders, and raising further support. In the early stages of planting, some additional part-time employment may be necessary and also advantageous for connecting with the community.

If interested, please send résumé here.


A Vision for Church Planting

In 2016, we began to discuss the possibility of church planting in a nearby community, sending a portion of our congregation to help serve as the beginning of a new one.

Overview:  EFCMM Church Plant Vision Statement


Click on the links below to view the handouts to each of our congregational meetings in the exploration phase of this process.

CP Meeting 1 (April) - Church Planting and Our History, Vision, and Values

CP Meeting 2 (June) - Biblical Foundations for Church Planting

CP Meeting 3 (July) - Why Plant Another Church in Sterling?

CP Meeting 4 (August) - Cost and Risk in Disciple Making and Church Planting

CP Meeting 5 (September) - Vision Statement (above) and Multiplication Problems


New in 2017:  Selecting and Supporting Our Church Planter


Other Resources

Article:  "Why Plant Churches?" by Tim Keller

Sermon:  "What Makes the Great Commission 'Great'?" by Dave Harvey